Sunday, August 30, 2009

Code Camp Auckland 2009 - Development | SQL | Security

I’m speaking at Code Camp, presenting on Microsoft Certifications during lunch. Here is the blurb from Kirk Jackson:

Code Camp is less than two weeks away!

If you want to catch some free sessions on the state-of-the-art in .NET development, SQL Server and developer security then sign up for Code Camp Auckland 2009 now.

Code Camps are non-profit, and organised by members of the local developer community. This year the Auckland Code Camp is the day before TechEd (Sunday 13 September), so we've managed to nab a few great speakers on their day off to present to us.

It's the biggest Code Camp ever - over 14 hours of sessions across 3 streams from 10am till 5pm:


  • What's Happening in C# 4.0 and .NET Languages and Why Should You Care?
  • Behaviour Driven Development
  • Domain Specific Languages
  • Silverlight with Prism
  • .NET on the iPhone
  • Becoming Certified
  • Lightning Talks
  • and more!

The latest and greatest in development topics, by the people that know!

SQL Server?

  • SQL Server Virtualisation Best Practices and Recommendations
  • SQL Server Analysis Services and Gemini
  • Query Optimization and Query Tuning
  • Understanding SQL Server Indexing
  • SQL Server Maintenance

Training and guidance from the best SQL trainers in the industry!


  • Secure Development Lifecycle and Threat Modelling workshop
  • Secure Coding Practices

We are lucky to have Michael Howard, author of Writing Secure Code and 24 Deadly Sins of Software Security giving a free workshop for developers, architects and team leads on Threat Modelling and the Secure Development Lifecycle. This will be followed by a session on how to write secure .NET code.

Auckland has never seen such an awesome free event!

Presenters that are offering their time include Greg Low, Nicholas Dritsas and Auckland's Alex Henderson of Architecture Chat fame.

To cover the costs of the event, we have the help of our generous sponsors: Microsoft, Datacom, Intergen, INETA and Xero.

All that's left for you to do is to visit the website for more details, and sign up now!

See you there on Sunday 13 September,

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What on Earth have I been up to?

I’ve been busy:

02-Apr-09WebCast: Intro to ORM for DBAsPASS USA
16-Apr-09What’s New in Microsoft SQL ServicesWellington SQL Users
30-Apr-09Microsoft CertificationsAuckland SQL Users
14-May-09How To: Design and Develop Applications to Ensure QualityVUW
26-May-09How To: Design and Develop Applications to Ensure QualityEllerslie .NET Users
14-Jun-09Microsoft Sync FrameworkNZ .NET Code Camp, Porirua
18-Jun-09Microsoft Sync FrameworkWellington SQL Users
15-Jul-09How To: Design and Develop Applications to Ensure QualityWellington .NET Users
30-Jul-09Microsoft Sync FrameworkAuckland SQL Users & Ellerslie .NET Users
04-Aug-09Creation: Why I BelieveMalakai’s Care Group, Wellington Elim
20-Aug-09How To: Design and Develop Applications to Ensure QualitySoftware Quality NZ
13-Sep-09Microsoft CertificationsNZ .NET Code Camp, Auckland
29-Sep-09Creation: Why I BelieveJeannie’s Care Group, Wellington Elim

I’m available for bookings!

I have moved my Blog!

Old Site:

New Site:

Reason: I can now use Windows Live Writer to write my blogs, instead of manually creating an html page in Microsoft Visual Studio!  Also, the formatting was being automatically changed, thus rendering my final output almost illegible.

Method: I had to move each item manually!  I discovered how to make my past blogs appear as though they were written on their original post date, but I couldn’t make the comments appear that way.  It took me 7 days to do it, because there was 7 pages of blogs to move over; each page was about 20 blogs.

Result: This will be my final entry at GeekZone.  Thanks, Mauricio, for being a great service when I needed you.