Monday, April 21, 2008

MSDTC is Unavailable

Now that I'm using SubSonic, I've moved Transaction scope from a stored proc to my code.  Since my code needs to update 2 tables, I wrap it in a Transaction.  In order for Transactions to work, I need to turn on the Distributed Transaction Coordinator in Control Panel, Advanced Tools, Services.
I have made it an Automatic service now.
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  1. Comment by pjv3, on 22-APR-2008 20:49 ( IP:, user id: 30616)

    Just have to say, been using SubSonic in a Windows Forms app for a client, and it has been a absolute dream.

    Granted, I grabbed a copy from around July last year and needed to fork it to support Concurrency and a few other "enterprise" level features.. So what I am using is no doubt different to what is available now.

    Reminds me, maybe I should contribute those changes back into the project sometime (if they havent already been added)