Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hansel Minutes: Subsonic with Rob Conery

Code generator for DAL:

  1. Head over to Codeplex
  2. Download Subsonic 2.1
  3. Install.  No GAC.  No add-ins.
  4. Settings in web.config
  5. Uses ActiveRecord pattern; 80% of the projects are light-weight, doesn’t use Enterprise patterns
  6. “I want the developer to go home early”
  7. Industry strength: can it scale?  No?
  8. nHibernate is excellent at; caching; future query;
  9. Generally, start with DB; build out your model;
  10. Migrations can generate database for you.  (Define class in .NET code first.)
  11. Command line tool that can (Sonic.exe AKA Subcommander) generate DAL.
  12. Use typical repository pattern (returns IList of )
  13. Generates ANSI-SQL for multiple Database Standards
  14. LLBLGEN Pro: pocket book constraint; blows doors over Subsonic’s functionality; but it’s edge-case stuff;
  15. nHibernate: complex to implement;
  16. Subsonic: for people who aren’t into the tinkering of creating a web site; pragmatic
  17. example: Subsonic Starter Site (Dot Net Nuke ultra-light); no longer supported

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