Sunday, November 30, 2008

ODBC Provider Bug?

ODBC Provider Bug?
James Hippolite
Friday 28-Nov-08 09:45

Has anybody heard of a bug in the ODBC provider for Excel where, if a column has 10 NULLS in a row, then the entire column comes in as NULL?

Paul Bibby
Friday 28-Nov-08 09:57

Don’t know if this is similar to your experience ?

Leigh Hunt
Friday 28-Nov-08 10:40

I ran in to I think the exact same issue a number of times years ago, importing mixed field types from Excel into Access, using the JET driver.

I think Paul's answer is probably the one your after, especially the links to and;en-us;257819.

However, I encountered mine about 8 years ago, using older versions of the software, so thought I'd post it here incase the above solutions don't fix it for you... (I notice one article states that the MaxScanRows argument doesn't work in a connection string - well it certainly works in the registry:

I changed the following entries in the registry:



After this, all imports would work fine for me.


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