Thursday, February 12, 2009

MS Architect Forum 12 Feb 2009

Venue Details: When is the Event: 1:00pm Thursday 12 February 2009.
Where is the Event: Microsoft’s Wellington offices, Mana Room - Level 12 Vodafone on the Park (formerly Mobil House), 157 Lambton Quay (the building behind Midland Park)
Title: Cloud Economics for non-economists by Chris J.T. Auld

This session aims to bring the Cloud hype back down to ground. Learn how to discuss the cloud in terms that your CxO will understand. What sort of business model is amenable to the cloud? What does computing as a utility do for your balance sheet? How does cloud based computing companies to continue to innovate in these credit and capital constrained times? Why are advertising based businesses well suited to cloud deployment?

Whether you're in start-up mode or have already crossed the tipping point this session will help you determine if the cloud makes sense for your business.

About Chris J.T Auld:

Chris is Director, Strategy and Innovation for Intergen. His appointment was the result of Intergen’s acquisition in February 2007 of Kognition which Chris had established in 2003. Chris has worked with high-level national and multinational clients such as Microsoft and Telecom New Zealand. Chris works closely with large organisations to assist them in propelling their strategy and maximising innovation, undertaking ‘adventurous’, high risk, high return projects wherever possible to add value. Chris’s vision is to revolutionise large businesses through dynamism, passion and leading-edge innovation.

Known for his evangelical, ‘arm-waving’ style and his enthusiasm and drive, Chris brings an abundance of excitement and energy to every project he undertakes.

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