Friday, February 23, 2007

Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 (Part 4 of 4): ASP.NET 2.0 Configuration and Deployment

Listening to Fritz Onion of He's the guru.

Missed quite a bit of it (had a work meeting just before that ran overtime. Don't you hate it when that happens?)

Just learned what is meant by a "binary deployment." It means putting only the .DLLs on the Web Server, rather than the individual .ASPX web pages. This is useful for preventing unauthorised editing of the Web Pages (by other developers).

Session Summary

  • Configuration
    • Hierarchical application of web.config files
    • Configuring security and using membership
  • Development Time
    • Many modes supported by Visual Studio 2005: choose what works best for you
  • Deployment Time
    • Many more options, decision about packaging can be delayed until deployment.

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