Wednesday, February 7, 2007

.NET User Group "Lightening Talk"

(Am moving these next few entries over from Family Blog so my political and business interests do not drown out my family photos.)

Took part in kick-off of Dot Net User Group for 2007.

I gave a 5-minute presentation "Inside Telecom".

If you're interested, here's the PowerPoint Presentation

Who am I?

  • Senior Developer – Microsoft Technologies
  • Workgroup Solutions Team
  • Applications Development, Maintenance & Support
  • Shared Capability
  • Technology and Enterprises

What do we do?

  • Hunt, seek, destroy (Access)
    • Web front-end
    • SQL Server back-end
  • Develop, maintain & support
  • Workflow!

What do we want?

  • Juniors – Web
  • Intermediate – MCAD
  • Senior – MCSD or MCPD
  • Manager
    • Wellington Java (vacant)
    • Auckland .NET (filled)

What do you get?

  • Unlimited Training
    • up to 20% of chargeable time per week
    • Exam/study/training budget
    • 1-2 weeks per annum courses
  • MSDN Universal
  • Reasonable salary
  • Heaps of abuse!

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