Sunday, December 7, 2008

Microsoft Federation Gateway Service

Microsoft Federation Gateway Service
  • James McCutcheson
  • The Federation Gateway Service lets people use their familiar credentials on services which user Live ID for authentication
  • Federation provides a standards-based, secure trust relationship between Live ID and third-party partners
  • Federation supports any identity store on the partner, and any target service that uses Live ID for authentication
MS Federation Gateway Service
  • Goal: Allow users to sign in to online services with familiar credentials from any third-party domain
  • Solution: The Federation Gateway Service uses open standards to implement a secure trust relationship between Microsoft’s identity service and third party organizations
Seamless Sign-in to any Live ID service
  • The MS Federation Gateway service enables seamless S+S scenarios by allowing Microsoft and third-part online services to accept credentials from external organizations
  • Organizations maintain control of their user accounts while providing users with single sign-on access to Live ID-based services
MS Federation Gateway Service
  • Standards-based, cross platform identity federation
  • Identity Providers (partner organisations) can use any identity store
  • Resource Providers (application hosters & developers) can use the proven Alive ID authentication system knowing that users can use a wide variety of credentials to securely sign in to their service

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