Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Exam 70-300 Objective 2

Tested myself on Exam 70-300 (Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures) Objective 2 (Gathering and Analyzing Business Requirements) and received only 46%.  I've got a bit of study to do, specifically:

  1. Gather and analyze business requirements
    • At the end of the planning phase, you complet ethe functional spec.
    • Current functionality; ID of business rule; Authority = busines rules catalog.
  2. Gather and analyze user requirements
    • User instruction; Surveys; Shadowing = user gathering info techniques
    • How about interruptions; can you resume?  What decision to start? = Typical questions
  3. Gather and analyze operational requirements
    • Behavioural view = the dynamic or changing state fo the system
    • Stabilizing phase = you identify, prioritize and resolve issues
  4. Gather and analyze requiremees for hardware, software, and network infrastructure
    • Develop wrong system, Define wrong reqs, Build wrong team, Budget over = risks of not creating functional spec

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