Sunday, March 29, 2009

Exam 70-300 Objective 7

Tested myself on Exam 70-300 (Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures) Objective 7 (Creating Standards and Processes) and received 90%.  I've got a bit of study to do, specifically:

  1. Establish standards.  Standards can apply to development documentation, coding, code review, UI, and testing.
    • Release Management is responsible for designing and implementing the solution's deployment plan.
  2. Establish processes.  Processes include reviewing development documentation, reviewing code, creating builds, tracking issues, managing source code, managing change, managing release, and establishing maintenance tasks.  Methods include Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Templates.
    • Creatinga Web Setup project is a lot of overhead for deploying a Web application to a server.  Practically, it is better to use XCopy or Copy.
  3. Establish quality and performance metrics to evaluate project control, organizational performance, and return on investment.
    • STRIDE = Spoofing Identify; Tampering Data; Repudiatte Attack; Information Disclosure; Denial of Service; Elevation of Privilege

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