Sunday, March 22, 2009

What are in each Phase of the MSF Model?

Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF)
  • is a set of models, principles and guidelines for designing applications.
The MSF Process Model
  • is a combination of the waterfall and spiral process models
  • is a milestone-based, iterative approach to developing solutions.
Phase Envisioning Planning Developing Stabilizing Deploying

Setting up the team; Defining the project structure; Defining the business goals; Assessing the current situation; Creating a vision statement and defining the scope of the project; Defining requirements and user profiles; Developing a solution concept; Assessing risk; Closing the envisioning phase

Developing the solution design and architecture; Creating the functional specification; Developing project plans; Creating project schedules; Creating the development, testing and staging environments; Closing the planning phase

Starting the development cycle; Creating a prototype application; Developing the solution components; Building the solution; Closing the developing phase

Testing the solution; Conducting the pilot

Completion of deployment and operations procedures; Deployment and stabilization; Project review

Interim milestones

Core team organized; Vision/scope created

Technology validation complete; Functional specification complete; Master plan complete; ster project schedule complete; Development and test environments set up

Proof-of-concept application complete; Internal builds complete

Bug convergence; Zero-bug release; Release candidates; Golden release

Core components deployed; Site deployments complete; Deployment stable


Vision/scope; Project structure; Risk assessment

Functional specification; Risk management plan; Master project plan and master project schedule

Source code and executable files; Installation scripts and configuration settings for deployment; Finalized functional specifications; rformance support elements; Test specifications and test cases

Final release; Release notes; Performance support elements; Test results and testing tools; Source code and executable files; Project documents; Milestone review

Operation and support information systems; Documentation repository for all versions of documents and code developed; A training plan; Project completion report

Major Milestone Vision/Scope Approved Project Plan Approved Scope Complete Release Readiness Deployment Complete

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