Sunday, September 27, 2009

Code Camp Auckland 2009 – Feedback from attendees

Over on Kirk Jackson’s Page of Words, he gives an overview of the feedback from attendees.  All very positive.

He also released individual speaker’s performances privately to each one of us speakers.  Here’re mine:

Becoming Certified. James Hippolite:

    • Dissatisfied: 1 (3%)
    • Satisfied: 11 (28%)
    • Satisfied++: 19 (49%)
    • Very satisfied: 8 (21%)

It was difficult to follow the structure in the Becoming Certified talk and the Secure Coding Practices talk.

I guess that’s because I had 1/2 an hour to cram 1 hour’s worth of presentation.

Kirk indicated that responses were on average about 50% of attendance, which implies I had 80 people in my talk.  Not bad, woo hoo!

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