Sunday, September 13, 2009

Who do you have to kill?

…in order to be nominated for an MVP award?

That was the tongue-in-cheek question I posed to a couple of MVP Leads, here at the Microsoft TechEd conference.


I knew that it was awfully bad taste to go seeking this reward for oneself.  That it should be bestowed upon one by others who have recognized your contribution to the community through voluntary efforts.  However, after not being shoulder tapped (after many years of dedicated service, IMHO), I decided to ask the question.


Turns out, I’d been too generalist.  Which is natural for a New Zealander, but works against you in this case.  Because I’m both Web Dev and DB Dev, I’d been straddling the two streams, and contributing to both camps.  However, the MVP programme is structured along Product lines, and you must demonstrate in-depth knowledge, skill and dedication in that one area, in order to qualify.

Hence, I don’t qualify.


Question now is, do I want to bother refocussing on only one area?  Or am I basically happy to continue as I am, knowing that that particular gong is out of reach?

Thoughts and/or opinions?

As a matter of interest, the two areas that strike me as interesting, in which I feel I “had a shot” would be VB and/or SQL BI.

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