Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Using Team Foundation Server in a Distributed World

Working Offline With VSTS

  • Wayne Ewington
  • Microsoft
  • DEV307

Going Offline

  • When TFS is not available
  • Remove the read-only attributes
  • Work with the files
  • Renaming Files!! Treated as a Delete and Add pair

TIP: Check-out All Artefacts

  • Check-out all artefacts
  • Go offline
  • “Do stuff”
  • Go back online
  • Check-in all artefacts: TFS will determine which artefacts have changed
  • Won’t work in a Team situation

TIP: Stopping TFS Auto-Connect

  • Registry Hack: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0\TeamFoundation\AutoLoadServer(Dword)

TFS Proxy Server

  • Architecture
    • Uploads go to TFS
    • Downloads come from proxy(ies)
  • Configuring
  • Tips & Tricks

TFS Over the Internet

  • VPN
    • All features of TFS work
    • Easiest to implement: no additional changes required
    • Requires infrastructure support
  • Publish using a Reverse Proxy
    • Reverse Proxy will Authenticate
    • Remote Users don’t require Domain access
    • Requires ISA Server 2006, TFS SP1
    • TFS is “chatty”
    • Disadvantages: can’t get Publishing Test Results, Accessing Build Reports
  • Extranet
    • Clear segregation
    • Internal Users must connect “remotely”
    • TFS is “chatty”
    • Won’t get Test Results and Build Reports

Fully Qualified Domain Names

  • Resolves the issue of getting the Test Results and Build Reports
  • Use on TFS Server, SharePoint (Sites and Central Admin), Reporting Services
  • TFSAdminUtil.exe Configure Connections
  • TFS Server needs to authenticate to itself
  • http://support.microsoft.com/kb/926642
How? By Enabling
  • Basic Authentication
  • SSL

TRICK: Enabling Team Build Logs


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