Sunday, September 13, 2009

Welcome to TechEd

Scott Wiley

  • Head of Developer Stuff
  • This is the Windows 7 TechEd
  • His second to lead
  • New Zealand’s 14th

What does TechEd mean to you?

  • He showed several tweets
  • He gave some housekeeping
  • He introduced first speaker

Honourable Steven Joyce

  • Minister for Communications & Information Technology
  • So-called “CIO for the Government”
Speech Contents
  • “Need to deliver fibre to the home”
  • From a discussion I (James) had last night after Code Camp, the Geek perspective is that both Labour and National have missed the point.  It’s not fibre to the home that matters.  It’s the pipe to the outside world.
  • “Government has partnered with others (such as Microsoft) to improve computer literacy.  Outside of this audience, the average kiwi doesn’t have sufficient skill to make use of ICT”
  • “Be encouraged.  Your country needs you to succeed.”
  • Keep up the fine work.  Enjoy it. 

Chris Liddell

  • Microsoft’s CFO
  • Kiwi!
Innovating for the Future
  • We’re a small country, but we have access to everything that’s good in the world.
  • 2000 out of 4 million, per capita, is the biggest Tech Ed in the world

Comparison to Previous Bears

  • Here he descended to finance-speak
  • I’ll post this now and pick up again later

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