Sunday, September 13, 2009

SQL Server 2008 R2

Code Name Kilimanjaro

  • Mark Souza
  • Director, SQL Server

It starts by building on a strong base: SQL Server 2008

  • Trusted Platform
  • Productivity
  • Business Intelligence

The SQL Server 2008 R2 Journey

  • The origins of Kilimanjaro
  • Self-service Business Intelligence
  • Application & Multi-server Management
  • Scaling for the next generation enterprise
    • High End Scale out Data Warehouses
    • CEP – Complex Event Processing
  • Reaching the summit
What’s in a name...
  • Gemini means twins
  • The corporate Twins: IT Pro/End User
  • A widening gap between these two
Enabling managed self-service BI
  • Empowered and Managed
Excel is key for IW/Users
  • It has to be Excel
  • Use Excel as a catch all tool
  • Easy sharing of insights is critical
Sneak Peak
  • Nicholas Dritsas
  • Head of project Gemini
  • Demo: BI
IT manage the “Spreadmarts”
  • Excel is the IW tool of choice, but for IT: Excel is a problem
  • Why not make Excel part of the solution?
Challenges: People vs. Hardware
  • Number of database apps increases faster than the number of DBA’s
Synthesis Vision
  • The vision of Synthesis is to bring together a set of new and existing technology investments that enable a much more efficient way to develop, deploy and management application development
Introducing a better way
  • Control server sprawl with 1 to many management – setup is fast and easy
  • Manage capacity through policies – save time, optimize resource
  • Single unit of deployment - increase deployment and upgrade efficiency
Deploy Data-tier application
  • Select the DAC package to deploy
  • Update Configuration
  • Deploy!
Application & Multi-server Management
  • Productive database application development and management via DAC
  • Multi-server Management made easier through (lots of stuff)
Data Distribution with Replication
  • Madison Appliance Nodes
  • Kilimanjaro has the 6 volcanic mountain ranges:
    • Gemini – IMBI
    • Synthesis – Multi-Server management integrated with Application management
    • Madison – Massively scale out DW
    • Orinoco – Complex Event Processing
    • SSRS – New report Builder enhancements and integration with SharePoint enhancements
    • >64 Cores
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 – 1st half CY10

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