Monday, September 14, 2009

Databases, Gods & Maps

How Express Couriers are delivering us to the future

  • Mike Farrell
  • Programme Manager
  • Courier Express Ltd


  • Business View & Background
  • Partners & Partnerships
  • Solutions & Functional Overview
  • Architecture

Current Environment

  • Increasing volumes nationwide
  • Changing customer needs – More for less
  • The competition have invested in technology
  • Numerous, inconsistent operational datasets
  • Legacy systems are now outdated, unsupported and don’t fit future direction
  • New Auckland depot opened in 2009, NZ’s first automated parcel sortation system.

Business Requirements

  • Customer Service remains our No1 priority
  • Deliver parcels within agreed service levels
  • Move to service orientated architecture
  • Automate current operational processes
  • Improve maintenance processes and national datasets
  • Exploit the relationships between location and the corresponding activities
  • 95% of our information has a geographical position

The Vision

  • To exploit location intelligence to differentiate the manner in which Express Couriers Limited delivers time certain services and is recognised as New Zealand’s leading express courier, logistics and distribution business
  • Location Intelligence is the capacity to organise and understand complex business operations and relationship through the use of location …

Strategic Approach

  • Develop capabilities within ECL – support improvement of data content & quality
  • Establish technical and personnel capabilities – exploit location intelligence
  • Create centrally maintained address database – one source of the truth
  • Introduce mapping applications – define, establish and manage critical datasets
  • Use external vendors – support delivery of location intelligence
  • Undertake programme of work – eliminate address data from other information systems
  • Use web based technologies – deliver location intelligence throughout organisation


  • One source of the truth
  • One view across the business
  • Improved operational process
  • Informed business decisions & discussions
  • Centralised maintenance
  • Improved data quality
  • Future proofed infrastructure
  • Eagle Technology Group Ltd – Hardware
  • Microsoft – Software
  • e-Spatial Limited – Location Intelligence (GIS expertise)
Solution = Database + Application
  • Atlas = Carrying the World
    • ESRI ArcGIS Server
    • .NET Web A[pp
    • SOAP Web Services
    • Cached Mapping
    • e-SAM Searching
  • Athena = goddess of wisdom
    • SQL Server 2008
    • SSRS
    • etc
Left Early
  • Matti tried valiantly, and almost managed to save this session from his fellow presenters.

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