Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A tour of CodePlex

Open Source at Microsoft

  • Sara Ford
  • Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Sara Ford is the program manager for CodePlex, Microsoft’s open source project hosting site. Prior to CodePlex, she worked on the Visual Studio team for six years, where she ran the Visual Studio Tip of the Day on her blog. Her life-long goal is to become a 97 year-old weightlifter, so she can be featured on the local news.
  • DEV 205


If you're a software developer interested in running an open source project or just looking around for a particular tool to download, come check out the latest from CodePlex. CodePlex is Microsoft's open source project hosting site. Launched in May 2006, CodePlex host thousands of open source projects. CodePlex users can start open source projects with support for source control, bug tracking, wiki pages, downloads, forums, and project statistics. Additionally, CodePlex supports the widest range of source control clients. This talk explores the top downloaded projects, outlines the CodePlex feature set, and explains how we build the CodePlex software.


  • CodePlex & Customers
  • Open Source
    • How to consume
    • How to contribute
  • Under the Hood
  • Agile Development

CodePlex is About Customers

  • Voting for CodePlex features
  • Survey Comments
  • Tweets (#codeplex?)
  • Blog feedback
  • 1-1 engagement in conferences

Open Source

  • Models
    • Business
    • Licensing
    • Development
  • Open Source Initiative (OSI)
    • Open Source Definition
  • Basics
    • Source code provided
    • View, modify and redistribute code

Demo Projects

  • AJAX Control Toolbox
  • TweetMyPC
  • TweetCraft
  • Rawr
  • Image Resizer PowerToy Clone for Windows

Contribution Software to CodePlex

  • Features for hosting projects
  • Features for contributing updates

Agile Development

  • Iteration 1 (Feature)
  • Iteration 2 (Feature)
  • Iteration 3 (Stabilise)
  • Test Pass
  • Deploy

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