Saturday, September 19, 2009

Conferences Overview

Last weekend, I attended three conferences over six days. I extensively blogged all sessions I attended. This page summarises them.

Date Time Conference Code Session Presenter Comment
11-Sep-09 19:00 Promise Keepers #1 Out of the Fire Peter Whaanga Gave a powerful testimony of a vision of Hell
11-Sep-09 20:00 Promise Keepers #2 Forged for the Future Nick Tuitasi Be open to change
12-Sep-09 9:00 Promise Keepers #3 Known By Name Ivan Bezzant You don't know who you really are, until the pressure goes on.
12-Sep-09 10:00 Promise Keepers #4 Following Instructions Geoff Wiklund Spend time listening to God, hearing His Truth about who you really are.
12-Sep-09 11:00 Promise Keepers   Leader Breakout Dean Comerford Ministry with men is the single most important thing your church can engage in.
12-Sep-09 14:00 Promise Keepers #5 Welded Together Mike Gorrie Welded together in marriage
12-Sep-09 15:00 Promise Keepers   Guard Your Heart Paul Subritzkey Panel Session: Sexual Purity
12-Sep-09 16:00 Promise Keepers #6 Apprenticeships Tim Sisarich It's our job, to teach our children to serve Him.
12-Sep-09 18:00 Promise Keepers   Altar Call Geoff Wiklund 12 men responded (second night, 50 on the first night)
12-Sep-09 19:00 Promise Keepers   A Transformed Heart Paul Subritzkey Panel Session: The seven promises of a Promise Keeper
12-Sep-09 20:00 Promise Keepers #7 Tomorrow's Man - God's Man David Dishroon Mentoring others
13-Sep-09 10:20 Code Camp NZ #CCNZ01 What's Happening in .NET Languages Ivan Towlson Functional languages can do you head in.
13-Sep-09 11:25 Code Camp NZ #CCNZ02 Behaviour Driven Development Owen Evans Given...when...then... conceptually brilliant
13-Sep-09 12:30 Code Camp NZ #CCNZ03 C# 4.0 Ivan Towlson Dynamic languages
13-Sep-09 12:40 Code Camp NZ #CCNZ05 Lightening Talks James Hippolite Data Dude: MS VSTS for Database Professional (GDR)
13-Sep-09 13:00 Code Camp NZ #CCNZ06 Becoming Certified James Hippolite MCPD for Visual Studio and MCITP for SQL Server
13-Sep-09 14:45 Code Camp NZ #CCNZ08 Silverlight with Prism Sky Sigal Missed: Registering for Tech Ed
13-Sep-09 15:50 Code Camp NZ #CCNZ17 .NET on the iPhone and beyond Grant Archibald Missed: Unpacking new HP Mini
14-Sep-09 9:00 Tech Ed NZ 09   Keynote Hon Steven Joyce Fibre to the home
14-Sep-09 10:40 Tech Ed NZ 09 DAT201 Overview of SQL Server 2008 R2 Mark Souza Enabling managed self-service Business Intelligence
14-Sep-09 12:05 Tech Ed NZ 09 DAT202 MS Business Intelligence Overview Myles Matheson BI Reporting Maturity Model
14-Sep-09 14:15 Tech Ed NZ 09 MVP Who Do You Have To Kill? Rose Stamell Missed: DEV420 was packed. Had impromptu one-on-one with MVP Lead
14-Sep-09 15:50 Tech Ed NZ 09 LAB ADO.NET James Hippolite Missed: DEV307 was postponed. Did self-study instead.
14-Sep-09 17:15 Tech Ed NZ 09 DEV302 What's Coming in .NET 4.0 John-Daniel Trask Including Visual Basic 10 language improvement
15-Sep-09 9:00 Tech Ed NZ 09 DEV204 What's new in TFS 2010 Adam Cogan Including Team Collections
15-Sep-09 10:45 Tech Ed NZ 09 VOC203 Databases, gods and maps Scott Campbell How Express Couriers are delivering us to the future
15-Sep-09 12:10 Tech Ed NZ 09 DEV301 Visual Studio 2008 IDE tips Sara Ford Not only is she CodePlex’s Queen of Open Source, but she’s also a VB-er!
15-Sep-09 14:20 Tech Ed NZ 09 LAB Azure James Hippolite Nothing else appealed; self-study.
15-Sep-09 15:45 Tech Ed NZ 09 DAT301 Building applications in SQL Azure Jeremy Boyd Avoid chatty calls = code for chunky calls
15-Sep-09 17:10 Tech Ed NZ 09 DAT305 Upgrading from SQL 2000 to 2008 Greg Low A practical approach
16-Sep-09 9:00 Tech Ed NZ 09 LAB .NET 4.0 James Hippolite Missed SOA205: Packed. Did self-study instead.
16-Sep-09 10:45 Tech Ed NZ 09 DEV205 A tour of CodePlex Sara Ford Open Source at Microsoft
16-Sep-09 12:10 Tech Ed NZ 09 DEV307 Using TFS in a Distributed World Wayne Ewington Working offline with Team Foundation Server
16-Sep-09 14:20 Tech Ed NZ 09 DEV306 TFS for successful project management Adam Cogan Collecting user stories via INVEST
16-Sep-09 15:45 Tech Ed NZ 09 DAT303 Managing databases with VS Greg Low Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals

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