Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 03 – What does your day job involve?

That’s an interesting question, since I’m in a transition phase at Telecom at the moment.  I shall be temporarily filling a Lead Developer role for a Service Help Desk.  I will answer this from the perspective of my current job description: Senior .NET Developer.

Job Skills

  • Analyse, Design, Quote, Schedule, Develop, Implement, Document, Train, Support, Mentor .
  • The good news: The Workgroup Solutions Team, to which I belong, have autonomy to create Intranet web applications which we host and support.  This means we’re able to pretty much design and develop anything which the end user is willing to pay for.
  • The bad news: we’re essentially left to our own devices and must project manage our own time.  We must advertise internally for new work.  We must give estimates of resource availability.  We must work within an ITIL Framework for Change Management, Incident Management, Problem Management.

Technologies Used

    Programming IDE Visual Studio 2010
    Relational Database SQL Server 2005
    Operating System Windows XP (Telecom’s policy of being [n-1] versions behind the market, coupled with Vista’s disastrous incompatibilities, means we’re hanging out for Win7 later this year.)
    Source Control Visual SVN & Tortoise
    Office Productivity Office 2007
    Project Management Primavera P6
    Payroll SAP
    Change Management HP Digital Workflow
    Diagnostic Tool Fiddler2
    Laptop Lenovo T61
    IM Office Communicator
    Reporting SSRS 2008
    Browser IE 7 (Don’t hate me)

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