Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 27 – Fix a bug in some open source software and commit the patch

Wouldn’t know how; not inclined to learn.

Not because I don’t have a charitable spirit.  I do my giving in a different way, in a different forum.

But because I know that I have limited time on Earth to spend with certain friends and family, I limit my programming expertise to chargeable hours.

This blog title has sparked a reaction in me I wish to explore further.  That is, how are YOU, dear reader, making the world a better place?  And I don’t mean by filling the ether with the software equivalent of better mouse-traps (technological upgrades to essentially a simple device, which doesn’t require bigger, better, bolder, except in order to perpetuate the marketing life-cycle).

What actual improvements are you making?

On a related matter, the recent (February) Christchurch earthquake.  What’s with raffles to raise funds for Christchurch?  If you wish to give, then give.  Hoping to get something out of it despoils the motive, in my opinion.  (And yes, I gave cash; and no, I don’t buy raffles, ever.  Unless my kids come home with some fundraiser from one of their various groups.  Then I try hard not to impose on friends and family by absorbing the tickets myself.  But that’s not really a donation then, is it?)

So I challenge you: rather than fix a bug in some open source software, fix a real-world issue with affirmative action such as:

Oh, I’m an activist from waaaay back.  I remember being at Victoria University of Wellington, marching in protest against Phil Goff bringing in Student Fees for the first time.  I’ve never forgotten nor forgiven him for it.  Must have been 1990’s.

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