Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 16 – First computer you’ve ever owned & your favourite ever.

Year Computer Comment
1988 Apple IIe Bought second-hand from Nelson College.  Used during 1st year at Victoria University.  Green screen.  80 column text display.  Optional graphics output.  Dual 5.25” floppy drive system.
1989 Commodore PC-10 Transitioned from Apple to PC.  Had a 10MB Hard Drive!  2nd year at VUW.
1990 Commodore PC-20 Upgraded to 20MB HDD!  Half the size!
1991 Zenith MiniSport 386SX goodness.  Grey-scale LCD.  1MB RAM.  Had colour external monitor.  3.5” floppy.  My first work computer, for Mana Information Systems Limited.
1994 Compaq ProLinea Work horse – mini server – tower configuration (a variant of their Proliant range).
1999 HP Vectra Pentium goodness.  Bought several units all at once, second-hand, for the staff of my flourishing company. 
2003 Dell OptiPlex For home use.  ANZ Bank staff discount offer. 
2005 HP MiniNote Special deal from Tech-Ed 2008.

The latest one is always my favourite one (not sentimental).

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