Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 21 – Favourite thing & worst things about working in IT?

Favourite Things:

  • Get to play with all the latest software (via Universal Microsoft Developers Network [MSDN] license);
  • Get to play with all the latest toys (via Telecom 4U staff benefit granting me free mobile phone upgrade every 2 years and my job requires me to be contactable 24/7 so I get free broadband and a work laptop to take home every night);
  • Get to attend killer training opportunities (such as Tech-Ed in Auckland and Azure Training in Sydney) for my job;
  • Can work from home.

Least Favourite Things:

  • About to be forced to move into Flexi-Desk work scenario.  I will have no desk of my own.  I will just be a number.
  • Always being asked to help people on their home computers.  An analogy would be, if I went to the BBQ of a doctor friend of mine and asked him to look at my misshapen boil for a free diagnosis.  (I don’t have a boil, but you get the picture.)
  • I used to be owner/operator of Mana Information Systems Limited.  I used to be master of my own time.  But, I realised I was a better developer than a manager, and couldn’t grow the company beyond my limited abilities in that area.  So, I moved into full-time work.  This has it’s advantages, but now I’m saddled with a huge hierarchy.  Just discovered this table recently:


Title Name Unit
CEO Dr Paul Reynolds  
Group Chief Technology Officer David Havercroft Business
GM Change Implementation Claire Barber Management
HO Delivery Applications Trevor Coles  
Manager Service Delivery & Solutions Development Steven Burke Line Manager

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