Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 23 – Post a review of an application that you use.

Been there, done that (don’t do it for free):

Date Publication Product Title
1991 InfoTech Weekly Access 1.0 Microsoft provides easy Access to graphics
1992 InfoTech Weekly FoxPro 2.5 FoxPro 2.5 flies the flag high for Microsoft
1992 InfoTech Weekly Lotus AmiPro Was critical and unpublished
2008-03-06 GeekZone Blog Visual Studio 2008 Microsoft Certification in Visual Studio 2008
2009-02-05 GeekZone Blog Visual Studio 2008 Live Services… JumpStart!
2009-02-20 GeekZone Blog Visual Studio 2008 Introduction to New SQL Server Data Services
2009-12-03 GeekZone Blog MSDN Using MSDN at Telecom

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  1. Gee, not really getting in to the spirit of things.