Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 12 – What area do you want to expand your skills into?

I am starting to be groomed for a Lead Developer role.  Unfortunately, this means more more admin and less programming, but I’m starting to become more comfortable with that.  After we hired @BlackMael, it dawned on me that:

  1. I’ll never be as talented as some other people in all areas;
  2. If I had three of him, I could lead some fantastic projects.

So, I’m starting to take on the following new responsibilities:

  • Project Management including resource availability and scheduling;
  • Incident Management including defect tracking and bug fixing;
  • Problem Management including root cause analysis;
  • Customer Management including fronting the team;
  • Vendor Management including licensing, support agreements and service level agreements; and
  • Staff Management including conducting interviews;

Sounds like I’m ready for a step up to management.  It’s been approx. 8 years since I shut down Mana Information Systems Limited.  it sounds like I’ve increased my management abilities since then.