Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 04 – Greatest application written to date

There have been a few, at various stages of my career:

Greatest Access App, Still In Operation

  • Contacts and Order Processing System (COPS)
  • Used by a commercial office furnishing business & a couple of manufacturers
  • Originally written in Access 2.0.  Now runs on Access 2000.
  • Does Purchase Orders, Invoicing, Customer Contact History, Vendor Management & Inventory
  • Written when I was Owner and Director of Mana Information Systems Limited

Greatest Mainframe App, Still In Operation

  • Not exactly mainframe, but an interface to a mainframe app
  • Wrote the interface which took the output from an automatic scanner and (using API calls) feed those into a mainframe database
  • Written when I contracted to a large bank

Greatest Database App, (Presumed) Still In Operation

  • Monthly National Credit Card Spend Report
  • Report is consumed by the Reserve Bank and the Dept. of Statistics
  • Written in SQL Server 2000
  • Summarizes and breaks down NZ’s entire monthly spending via credit cards, within 5 days of Month End
  • Written when I worked for a national EFTPOS company

Greatest Web App, Still in Operation

  • Mobile Pricing Database & SPOT Retrieval Application
  • Used by a certain telecommunications company
  • Originally written in Visual Studio.NET, upgraded to 2005, then 2008, then 2010 (.NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.5, 4.0)
  • Does promotional pricing and other reports
  • Written for my current employer

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